Active Directory authentication and authorization preview


With the latest Radzen release candidate we shipped a preview of Active Directory authentication and authorization support. Now your Radzen applications can authenticate against Active Directory!

To try it you first need to have a MS SQL or MySQL data source in your Radzen app. This is required in order for Radzen to create a server-side application. We will probably remove that requirement.

Then follow this procedure:

  1. Open a Radzen app.
  2. Click security at the top right.
  3. Set Provider to Active Directory.
  4. Enter Server (the active directory server domain name or IP), User and Password (will be used to verify AD accounts and retrieve groups). This should be any account with read access to the active directory. Radzen needs such an account because it looks as if AD anonymous access is considered a security risk.
  5. Click Load Groups. This will retrieve all Active Directory groups so you could use them later to allow page access only to certain groups.
  6. Check 'Auto generate login page'.
  7. Click Save and that's it.

The application should now support Active Directory authentication. To implement authorization click the edit button next to a Radzen page and set the Access from the dropdown.

Let us know what you think!

Warm regards,
the Radzen team

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  • Azure B2C?
  • IdentityServer?

What is Azure B2C? Is it Azure Active Directory? If yes - we may consider adding support for it.

We are not sure about supporting IdentityServer. Isn’t it just the implementation of authorization/authentication - OpenID, JWT, OAuth?

Yes, B2C is a particular version of Azure AD, we should try if it can be used even with the current Active Directory implementation.
Ignore IdentityServer … my error

+1 for Azure AD. Thanks

@fileman @joshbooker we released formal Azure AD support today with the 1.17 version of Radzen.

super. thanks! look forward to trying this out. and this:
many thanks!

In order to use Azure Active Directory as security provider, where can I find my server domain and user? Thank you. you can use either your own account and password or a special account dedicated to such integration.

Thanks, Could you please help me based on the attached images?

This is probably not the domain server because the connection times out. You can find the address of your domain server by following the answer of this StackOverflow answer. Once you get the IP you could use it in the Server text field.

Really appreciate if radzen can support IdentityServer4

Hello, is there a similar way (similar to the top screenshot of this thread) in the latest Radzen version to filter application-access via AD-Group-Selection? It seems that it can only be done on page level...

Thanks in advance...


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Hello there, @Peanut `s question would interest me, too.



Security is set only on page level as per the documentation.