Active CSS Color on Filter Icon for Blazor RadzenGrid


I have a RadzenGrid that adds the rz-grid-filter-active CSS to the filter icon appropriately when using the default filters. This changes the color of the icon and allows the user to see that that column has been filtered.

However, when using a custom filter, this does not occur. The CSS class is never added and the color remains the same. Is it possible to mimic this behavior with a custom filter?

Check this thread:

I have done this. It appears I was also missing the "FilterValue" attribute on the column, but now I'm getting an exception of "Object must implement IConvertible" though the Grid appears to render properly.

I thought I would also mention that the biggest difference I can see between the example and my project, is that I am doing a multi-select so I am using an IEnumerable for my TValue.