Accordion view

I am using your Blazor accordion.
Your sample page shows a nice box with expanders on the right.

Using the same code I get a much different view with no box and small expanders on the left.

Is it possible to style like your example of is that just old code that has been replaced?

You’ve missed to include desired theme CSS file. Check the Getting started for reference:

You could also be using an older version (prior 4.0.0) or a different theme (our online demos use the Material theme at the moment). Make sure your Radzen.Blazor installation is up-to-date.

That does add the white effect but by greying the rest of the page.
Still does not show the boxes around individual items and does not change the expanders which is really what I was after.

That's fine. I will live with it. Not going to re-style the entire site for a couple down chevrons.

Oh, and yes, it is 4.0.0
Just FYI

You need to use the Material theme by including the material.css file (or material-base.css) in your application.