Accordion Item Text Rendering Issue


I have a Blazor WebAssemply application, and I am using the RadzenAccordion to display Days of the week, used in a form for timesheet entries (see image below).

Everything has been working great, other than the text in the Accordion Items. The total hours for each day is a variable, changed by either entering in time values or using the radzen numeric component.

When the hoursworked values are changed, the accordion item text doesn't update with the changed property value until another event is fired. The accordion item seems to be using stale data (the previous value).

In the video below, you can see the "total hours worked" variable at the top updating correctly, but the tot. hours. value for Saturday is not updating correctly.


I've tried using StateHasChanged() after updating the variable with no success.

I've also tried adding the @key variable and assigning it to both the item's text string and just the saturdayTotalHours variable, and neither option was successful. Assigning it to the string caused the accordion items to re-order themselves after updating the variable, and the totalhours variables were not unique and couldn't be used with @key.

Any assistance would be appreciated! Thank you!