Accessing AspNetUserID in drop down cause code behind issue

I'm trying to access the AspNetUserID in a drop down to select a user and Radzen generates the wrong code behind for var declarations as in the following:

IEnumerable<Enterprise.Models.Security.ApplicationUser> _getUsersResult;

It should read:

IEnumerable<Enterprise.Models.ApplicationUser> _getUsersResult;

Thank You

Hi @Rod,

Thanks for the report, fix will be released with our next update early next week! In the meantime please edit the meta for the page with the users DropDown to fix the namespace:

Any idea when this fix will be rolled out?
I have latest version and issue is still there.


Hi @Rod,

Sorry for the delay, fix will be released later today.

Vladimir the fix is not in the latest download of Radzen?
I just downloaded the latest today and it still cannot compile withing Radzen IDE... I must comment out the bad code and run it in Visual Studio.

I can upload all the info you need if that helps plus I sent you all the screen pics via email.

The fix was released 10 days ago as I promised:

Vladimir I got it working fine, here was the problem.

It previously generated the wrong type namespace in the event handling part of Radzen for this control and embedded it in the code.
I located the part on the dialog then removed and re added the application user dropdown and then it generated the correct namespace.