Access "Everyone" doesn't work with Windows security

Hello everyone,

I created a test project and tried the Windows Security feature. I set the access for the index.razor page to everyone.

When I tried to open this page anonymously, it asked me for my credentials.

Is there a way to get on specific pages without beeing authenticated?

Thank you for your time.

"Everyone" is a Windows group, so this is working as expected I believe. When you add Windows security, it automatically adds @attribute [Authorize] to the top of each .razor page. I believe this also checks for "Everyone" membership, so I'd think it would be the same thing. Perhaps a way to test this would be to try to access the page via smart phone?

Anyway, if you remove "@attribute [Authorize]" from the .razor page, then no authentication should be required, which is what I believe you're looking for.


Thank you for your reply.

I removed the "@attribute [Authorize]" but the Popup from the Browser still showed up and asked me for my credetials.

I even tried the "AllowAnonymous" attribute but still the same result.

Hi @Leotrim_Ramadani,

I am not sure if windows authentication supports anonymous access. Still you can try implementing that with the default Blazor application template from Visual Studio. If you succeed you can use the same approach with your Radzen Blazor Application.