Access Child data grid properties in parent/main data grid

Hello Radzen,

How can I access & use child data grid properties in a parent/main data grid as a new column. Is there any way to do in Radzen Blazor.

example: I want to use column(Price) from order details table into Order list table as a new column.

Appreciate for the valuable response!

Hi @manojgolla1,

You can access only properties that belong to the parent data item.

Thank you for the response @korchev. Is there any way to bind child grid column to the parent grid as a new column?

And do we have feature like Direct visual studio code reflect in Radzen? If not any planning to this feature in next versions of Radzen?

Only if it is available as a property of the child data item. Or you can use the selected parent data item to display it in a Template of the child grid column.

What is "Direct visual studio code reflect"?

got you @korchev that means only possible to bind parent value in child and we can't bind child grid value in parent grid right

what I mean, It is not effecting in Radzen when we write Radzen code in Visual Studio