A letter in a circle

Hello everyone,

web applications usually have a user's profile picture in a circle on one corner of the page, as in this forum. This circle displays the user's picture when available, otherwise it display the first letter of the user's name. How can I have a circle with just a letter in it?

It's a gravatar. Please type gravatar into Google.
You must create a gravatar for yourself.
Then play in your account setup to add this gravatar.

You can use them in Radzen too.

Thanks for answering.
I did see the gravatar component but I don't understand how to set an url for the image. As I am new to Radzen, I was not aware that there is an API page of all components. Now that I have found it I see that the gravatar component has an alternatetext property, but no way to set the image url. I don't understand the logic of displaying the image from an email. Am I missing something?

You need to register on the “gravatar.com” site with your email address (let's say yourname@outlook.com). During registration, the site will ask you to log in with your email provider to validate your identity. You will also send a photo.
The component uses the Gravatar's API to fetch your photo using your address.