A couple of questions about RBS design features

Hi friends,

  • Will you inherit some design features from Radzen?
    For example, the following header is very useful.

Selecting parent and child is very easy. The duplicate function is very handy. I know the duplicate function is included in the outline part menu end context menu. But this is not the same functionality.

I'm not sure but I think Radzen's design experience is better than RBS for now.
For example,

  • The designer can't show if the selected part is a row or a column. Only "div" is showing.
  • I can't put two columns side by side. The second column always goes inside the first one.

  • Do you plan to add the following functionalities to the outline part?
    ** Insert a component from the toolbox
    ** Moving a branch between others


We will definitely add those features in some way.

Should be the same - we took the implementation from Radzen as much as possible.

Indeed we don't treat them any differently. We have other plans for the row and column (TBA later).

The RBS designer allows you to pick the precise location - inside, before or after. Check this:

We may but not for the RTM as we have plenty of other stuff to do.

I got it where is the problem? Radzen uses the component's sides (right and left) to insert or move the component. RBS is using the up and down. This is so easy but I pushed always right and left.


Hi @korchev ,

I'm sorry for this kind of question. I feel I'm so incompetent in a situation like this. But this is what I'm facing.

There are four rows and each row has four columns. Moving the columns is possible for me after your notice. But moving the rows between the other rows is completely impossible for me.

Here are my notes.

  • The parent element cant be selected on UI Designer.
    • A row is selectable before a column is inserted into it. After that, it's being a ghost for the UI Designer.
    • Similarly, a container cannot be selected if a row is inserted inside it. etc. etc
      (There is an exception for the parent component. If the child component width and height are different than %100 the parent can be selected.)
    • Of course, the outline section is working to select any components. But I wanna point these parent elements are lost for the UI Designer in this case.

This is very important for me while I'm working with templateforms.

  • Any component cannot be added to the top of the templateforms. (For example a row, header or something else.) When the "drop inside the RadzenTemplateForm" message is shown the component goes to the bottom of the form.
  • Rows can't move correctly.

In my sample, I want to sort the lines as L1 - L3 - L2 - L4. But I can't do it without touching the source code.

Could you please show me the way?


Radzen 2.x added vertical margin to all elements so they can be targeted with a mouse. RBS doesn't do that to preserve the same look and feel as runtime. Unfortunately this leads to situations like this - moving elements to a parent which doesn't have neither padding (such as <div class="row"> nor margin). We have to think of a workaround for that.

Here is how to move rows without drag and drop. Select the row you want to move in the outline (we will add select parent option to the toolbar similar to Radzen 2.x so it is easier). Cut it. Select the row you want to insert after. Paste.


Hi @korchev,

It's working well. Thanks.

I wanna add another point related to this subject. When a component is selected on UI Designer, the outline tree cannot focus directly if the branch is out of the screen or collapsed. I hope you can add this feature as well.

I don't understand this.

I'll try to explain.

  1. A component is selected on the screen and this selected component is highlighted on the outline tree. This is what we expected.

  2. If the same parent note is collapsed the selected component can't be highlighted by the RBS. Because the node can't be expended by RBS.

  3. If the selected component is below the outline tree the selected node can't be focused by RBS. Of course, if the parent node is collapsed and the node is below the viewpoint finding the selected component is more difficult.

I see what you mean. We will probably add support for that in the future releases. It won't be part of the RTM release though.

I'm adding the pt-1 px-1 classes to each row and it works for me. I think 1px won't be a design issue (for me).

If somebody wants to use the designer instead of the outline as I did, can be useful.

With today's release (1.5.1) we have added support for reordering in the Outline tree.



Only one word. Awesome.