2nd Database

The primary database for my application is MS SQLServer. I have started the app with that connection. However I need to use some data in an MySQL database to control the user access.

How do I add the second data connection to the application and how do I identify new pages to use that MySQL data service.

Is it as simple as just adding it and the pages will see the getData() stuff?


Hi John,

Yep, it is that simple! :slightly_smiling_face:

Best Regards,

I added the second database connection. I now have connections for my app for MySQL and MS SQLServer.

I added a new page, placed a datagrid on the page and wired it to show selected fields in one of the MySQL tables. I check allow paging.

I run the application, and go to the page having the grid I just described. It inconsistently loads data. The table has a couple of thousand records. Sometime if I click on a column header it will show some data. Paging does not show.

I must be setting something wrong, I just am not certain what it is. Suggestions?

Hi John,

This DataGrid doesn’t look configured for paging properly: the Count property is set to ${null}, also the LoadData event may not be wired. Just setting AllowPaging will page data in memory which is not efficient when there are thousands of records. For efficient paging one has to properly set the Count property to the total number of records and handle the LoadData event. The easiest way to do so is by picking the “new …” option from the Data property dropdown. This opens the DataGrid configuration wizard which allows you to pick a data source method. The wizard should configure the rest automatically.

I went through the process described and it still fails. It is a MySQL database, are there issues with RadZen and MySQL?

I have this working now. It appears it wants the primary key in the data query for the grid. At least that is my best guess at what made it work this time.

I will keep testing. Thanks