2factoring available?

Hi, I was trying out Radzen to see if we will be using it in our firm.
When setting up a test project, I created a multi-tenancy authorization, and in 1 of the tables (AspNotUsers) I saw that there is a column called "TwoFactorEnabled".
I could not find any documentation about this, so I was wondering if 2factor authentication is already supported, or if this column was just added for custom development.

Many thanks in advance. Hopefully I can complete my analysis before the trial period ends, but at first sight, Radzen looks like a great tool!

Hi @DigitalCompetitive,

This database field is part of .NET Identity which is used for Radzen default security with or without multy-tenants:

At the moment Radzen application security will not use two factor authentication however we might enable it in the future.

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