2factoring available?

Hi, I was trying out Radzen to see if we will be using it in our firm.
When setting up a test project, I created a multi-tenancy authorization, and in 1 of the tables (AspNotUsers) I saw that there is a column called "TwoFactorEnabled".
I could not find any documentation about this, so I was wondering if 2factor authentication is already supported, or if this column was just added for custom development.

Many thanks in advance. Hopefully I can complete my analysis before the trial period ends, but at first sight, Radzen looks like a great tool!

Hi @DigitalCompetitive,

This database field is part of .NET Identity which is used for Radzen default security with or without multy-tenants:

At the moment Radzen application security will not use two factor authentication however we might enable it in the future.


At this moment there is more and more an demand to have two factor or Multi factor authentication support by my customers.
It would be nice to have this out of the box.

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I have to agree. We are reaching the point whereby anything without 2FA or MFA really isn't acceptable to corporate clients. Not having this out-of-the-box with Radzen is really what is holding me back from using it.

Just putting my hand up here as well. Just spoke to my client in the insurance industry and they said that getting cyber insurance is impossible without 2 factor authentication. It's basically become the minimum standard.

Any update on 2 factor authentication? Are there any custom controls that handle this? Anybody?

Hi RadzenTeam,

Is there any chance of that Radzen going to enalbe two factor authentication any time ?
The answer is importand for us, If this is not going to happen we have to look for other or own custom solutions to comply to the demand of the customer until then.

Thank you for your answer.
Regards ,

Hi @mcanavar,

Our focus is the release of Radzen Blazor Studio and we will unable to add built-in two-factor authentication anytime soon.

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I would recommend you submit an issue on the github repo. maybe some of the commercial developers could work together or pay a developer to add MFA functionality.

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Just to point out that this isn't trivial to support from our side. It requires third party applications (Microsoft or Google authenticators) to be installed by your end users.

As far as I know Azure AD supports two factor authentication as a built-in feature. One can use Azure AD security with Radzen Blazor applications today.

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I was refering to the Radzen Designer for this functionallity and not the Blazor components,
In this post there was a mentioning I quote " we might enable it in the future ", but it seems not the time to do this.
Perhaps Azure is the solution or we have to look into other solutions.