2. Display and format data video is outdated

I'm very new to radzen and trying to learn from videos.
When you show how to format columns on datagrid, the method is different in current version.
I formatted the currency with {0:C} and the date with {0:dd/MMM/yyyy hh:mm:ss tt} but I cannot find a way to format the ToLower() on string field.
Thanks for any response.

Did you try using the ToLower() method? ${StringProperty.ToLower()}

Yes, I tried ${StringProperty.ToLower()}, ${CustomerID.ToLower()}, etc, but nothing is working

Are you trying to set the Template of a DataGrid column? In this case you need to use the ${data} implicit property e.g. ${data.CustomerID.ToLower()}. More info available here.

I check the grid -> Columns -> CustomerID field -> FormatString and there trying to format the string. Is that right? Because neither last response working. Tried ${data.CustomerID.ToLower()} and ${getOrdersResult.CustomerID.ToLower()} that is the name of my data. And getting that error now.

No, not right. FormatString is used to format values. ToLower() is a method of the String class. You need to set the Template of that Column to ${data.CustomerID.ToLower()}

This worked! Thank you very much for responses!!!