When is Security service initialized

I implemented the OnLogin function and when I put a break point in this function I see that after login in SecurityService is not yet set logged in user.

When is it set?

What is the OnLogin function?

SecurityService is initialized by the ApplicationAuthenticationStateProvider that is generated in every Radzen Blazor Studio application when security is enabled. AuthenticationStateProvider is part of the Blazor security implementation.

I am asking about the RadzenLogin component. There is Login="" parameter which can call a function. It is appropriate for many things after a user Logged in application and I put in code such a function and it works but at the moment that this function is active there is no information about logged in user.
So, my question is how to obtain user info in this function or when can I expect that this service will update user info?
Later in the application the user info is available, but this is the only place where I can do some application household once per user logging.

The Login event of the RadzenLogin component just provides the entered user name and password. It doesn't perform any login - the developer is responsible to do so.

Applications generated by Radzen Blazor Studio do not use the Login event of RadzenLogin at all. They submit to account/login which invokes the Login method of AccountController. This is where authentication happens.

Thank you. That is what I need.