WebAssembly Notifcation not working

I am trying to use the notifcation component in my Blazor app and cannot get it to work. My startup is thus:

    public class Startup
        public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)



        public void Configure(IComponentsApplicationBuilder app)

and my page is thus:

@inject IJSRuntime  jsRuntime
@inject NotificationService  notificationService
@inject DialogService dialogService

@page "/"

    <h3 style="margin-top: 40px">Calendar</h3>
    <RadzenButton Text=@($"Show success notification") Style="margin-bottom: 20px; width: 200px"
                  Click="@(args => ShowNotification(new NotificationMessage() { Severity = NotificationSeverity.Success, Summary = "Success Summary", Detail = "Success Detail", Duration = 4000 }))" />
    <RadzenDatePicker Inline="true" Change="@(args => Change(args, "Calendar", "MM/dd/yyyy"))" />

    Dictionary<DateTime, string> events = new Dictionary<DateTime, string>();

    protected async void ConnectUsb()
        await jsRuntime.InvokeAsync<bool>("connectUsb");

    async void ShowNotification(NotificationMessage message)

        events.Add(DateTime.Now, $"{message.Severity} notification");
        await InvokeAsync(() => { StateHasChanged(); });

    void Change(DateTime? value, string name, string format)
        //events.Add(DateTime.Now, $"{name} value changed to {value?.ToString(format)}");

What am I missing? The ShowNotification get called, but no notification get popped up.


You need to add RadzenNotification to your layout: https://github.com/akorchev/blazor.radzen.com/blob/master/Shared/MainLayout.razor#L10