Hello Radzen Team,
how can i use Virtualization in my existing application?
The Project is .NET 5 but all the Grids has no "AllowVitualization" checkbox !?
And the DataGrid is a "Grid (legacy)" Datagrid?
When i create a new Datagrid from Toolbox the AllowVirtualization is present.


This property is available only for our new DataGrid - it’s one of the main reasons to have new grid component.

Hi @enchev,
thank for fast reply :wink:

Yes. I think i know that. My question is how can i convert my 50...60 "old" Grids to the new grid with virtualization?
I cant have some new grids with virtualization and old ones without it.
So I want virtualization in all grids and for that i must "convert" the old ones in some way.


There is no way to convert old grids to new grids since the API is too different is some cases.

Ok. Then this is useless for me.