Version 3.1.0 v 3.0.10 Build Errors


I installed version 3.1.0 and started to get build errors, in particular:

CS0266 Cannot implicitly convert type 'object' to 'WarrantModels.Warrant'. An explicit conversion exists (are you missing a cast?)

If I revert to version 3.0.10 all is Ok

On investigation the builder emits different g.cs code under each version for the same line of code:

ERROR g.cs line radzen 3.1.0 __builder.AddAttribute(260, "ValueChanged", new System.Action<System.Object>(__value => CurrentSelectedRow = __value));

OK g.cs file rsdzen 3.0.10 __builder.AddAttribute(260, "ValueChanged", new System.Action<WarrantModels.Warrant>(__value => CurrentSelectedRow = __value));

It seems to be centered around the datagrid option:


I am unsure of where to cast in these circumstances

Any pointers would be appreciated, (p.s.I'm not using the Radzen IDE but embedding the components in razor pages.)

Kind Regards

Sean Francis

Hi @Sean,

Yes, we changed Value property type of the DataGrid from TItem to object because of the multiple selection feature similar to our other components like DropDown, DropDownDataGrid, etc. Now Value can be a single object or IEnumerable<object>. You can either change your variable CurrentSelectedRow to dynamic or use the approach from our demo (Value="@order" RowSelect="@(args => order = args)").

Update: I've just pushed update to the demo to use bind-Value instead RowSelect.

Thank you Enchev for your prompt reply and assistance. I will look into resolving our issues with this information.

Kind Regards

Sean Francis