Variable Length Mask

Is it possible to have Variable Length Mask for the Mask Component?

There is a max length property already, however it is not included in the documentation.

It seems to be included.

<RadzenMask Mask="****,**" MaxLength="10" Pattern="[^0-9]" Placeholder="0,00" style="display: block; width: 50%" @bind-Value="@CurrentInvoicePaymentAmount" Name="MaskAmount">

I need Mask with variable (not fixed length) part before the decimal comma and the two digits fixed after the decimal comma.

My apologies, I wanted to say that there was no example with this property. Also, I was using the old documentation by mistake, because it's a favorite in my browser. Maybe the old links should redirect to the new docs instead?

This isn't supported. The * symbol accepts one mandatory character. IMHO you can just truncate the unnecessary characters (or use a RegexValidator component).

Those article often contain Radzen specific content (how to use the components in the Radzen IDE) so we can't just delete them. We will probably just link the new documentation as additional programming reference.