Using HTML component from toolbox breaks page creation UI in tool

Using the html component on a page seems to break rendering of pages inside the radzen tool. (but not always)

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create new Page

  • Add Panel

  • Add button inside panel

  • Add html underneath the panel

  • Set value of html to: <h1 *ngIf=“security.isInRole(‘Admin’)”>ADMIN</ h1>

  • Try to drag and drop any other component on the page

In browser everything looks ok, but in the tool, the page can not be edited because it appears to be empty.

I reproduced this error. It happens because Radzen tries to execute that expression in design time and fails. We have some code which should handle this but fails at the moment. We will see if we can support that.

You can try the following as a workaround for the time being:

<h1 hidden="${security.isInRole('Admin') == false}">ADMIN</ h1>