Using a Page as a Dialog

Hello Radzen Team,
i have a question about "open dialog" and "navigate to"...

I have ceated crud pages, lets say "X" with option "open add/edit in dialog" = false.
Now i want to use the add page as an dialog from another page lets say... Y
When i open "add X" with opendialog form "Y" and close "add x" via save or cancel then add x navigate to "X".

How can i use the add/edit pages from other pages as dialogs?
Given a parameter when opendialog may solve the cancel button navigate to but how about the save (submit) button? the navigate to is in the from0submit method which cannot be changed?!

Thanks for Help

Hi @Thomas,

When you use Radzen template to create pages you specify if dialogs or navigation will be used. Radzen will generates the proper code for the specified type and if you plan to mix dialogs with navigation it will be better to create and open pages manually not with the template.