Users cannot login

This is a strange one and I don't think that it's a Radzen problem, more a webassembly PWA issue but I thought I canvas to see if anyone here has an answer.
I have a webassembly app with pwa and asp indentity 'out of the box' built in Radzen. I create users as an admin since I don want open registration. The users navigate to the app in their browser but cannot logon with the password I set. They get the invalid password message and our IIS server logs also show failed logins. Clearing the browser cache and rebooting the client machine fixes the issue but this obviously not the experience we want for our users.
Any ideas on what is happening and how to override whatever is being cached?

Unfortunately we have not heard of login issues that could be caused by caching. If you think it is PWA caching causing the problem you can try disabling it from Radzen's settings and redeploy the application.

It may not be actual browser caching. Strange thing is that it only affects some client computers regardless of browser or privacy mode. There are so many variables such as anti virus, settings, cache rules, proxies.....
I'll update if I find something.

Can you reproduce this issue in development mode (so there is a better chance to debug it)?

Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce locally - "It works ok on my machine(s)"