User Defined Tables?

This isn't specifically Radzen related, but I'd like to be able to do it using Radzen if possible.

So say I want my users to be able to define their own tables via an admin page. The closest correlation to this would be where in a CMS you generally have some kind of content managment interface which allows the user to define "Content Types". The content types are generally some form of table or document (depending on the database) that the user can define and structure how he needs.

For my purposes, I want the user to be able to define a table. We're not talking about thousands or millions of records here, I doubt any table would have more than a few hundred records. Maybe 5-10 columns at most and no fun stuff like foreign keys. We're talking about very simple, very small tables.

The trick is that they need to be able to be access also by an application downstream either via the DB query or by an API query. So my first question is, does Radzen any functionality that might help this project along? If not, can anyone think of a way to do this using Radzen but maybe with some other dependency?

Hi @Tharkis,

There is no such built-in functionality however with some custom code it will work for sure. For example you can create UI that will allow to design the schema runtime and send it to a stored procedure to create the table from schema.

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Building on my other question about adding a new field to a table.

Am I correct to assume that this might get me a table, but I'd still have to generate the CRUD pages manually? Or is there a way to dynamically generate the form and/or datagrid based on the table that was selected at runtime by the user?

By default CRUD pages can be generated in design time only. We’ve never tried dynamically created CRUD pages runtime.