Upload xml file

Guys... I'm having a problem sending an xml file to an external api. I managed to make the communication passing the parameters in the header, and make the Upload component invoke the API, but the file (IFormFile file) arrives null, that is, without any content. Does anyone have any tips for RadzenUpload to be able to send the file content to the API?

You can use your browser dev tools network tab to debug the request made to your API.

I understood the problem and it was more or less what I thought. The Upload component expects the API's IFormFile parameter to be 'file' or 'files' for multiple files. I set the component to multiples and the api was expecting only one, that didn't match.
Now another doubt:

  • I am developing this api, it is separate from the blazor project and I could change the IFormFile parameter, but how to do it if, for example, I were to consume a third-party api, where I could not interact with it?

It will be possible in our next update early next week:

Thank you very much