Upgrade Angular project with .Net 3.1 to .Net 5

Hi Team Radzen,

I'm looking for any guidelines to follow when upgrading an existing Radzen Angular application with .Net core 3.1 to .Net 5.

I have tried to use the same method I've used to upgrade from 2.0 to 3.1 by changing the serverversion to 5 and let Radzen generate the c# project.
but it shows the following in application settings:

You can try changing the serverVersion field in your app.json file to 5.

That is what I did , please see image.
After changing the serverversion to 5 , Radzen displays the dropdown with options for .Net Core 1.x and .Net Core 2.x , no other options.
The generated .Net code has the target .Net 5, so that seems to work , but the Radzen GUI displays what I have captured in the image you can see in my first post.

I tried this and it works in my development but when I deploy there’s still references to 3.1 and it won’t then run. What else do I need to change?


Hi ,
I always deploy to a new folder , same name, when changing to a newer .dotnet version.

Also when using IIS, restart the applicationpool.

I am not sure what this means.


you're right, its pretty meaningless as it is, my apologies.

I changed the server Version in the app.JSON file from 3 to 5. I then continued developing the app locally and it compiled and ran fine. I later deployed the app to Azure and i noticed as it was doing this that the logs were referencing 3.1 in the debug folder i think

the deployment was successful only when ii went to the site i got a message saying page not found. I cleared the browser cache but still nothing.

What else should i have done to upgrade to .Net 5?



You can probably clean the folder in Azure as @mcanavar suggested. I suspect some files are not copied.

i'll give it a try and report back.. thanks

I have run into an azure problem which i can't solve but it involves Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.Abstractions, Version=

It seems that ther maybe a dotnet version issue so i am back to trying to upgrade to dotnet5.

  • I have cleaned out the azure folder
  • deleted bin and debug folders
  • changed the serverversion

Radzen recreates the debug folder as netcoreapp3.1

Should this not be netcoreapp5?



Yes, it should. Your upgrade isn't complete for some reason. I suggest creating a new .NET 5 application in Radzen and comparing the differences between the csproj files.