Updating the database schema in Blazor Studio

I have been using Blazor Studio to work on a previous Radzen project. In the past (using Radzen), if I updated a given table in the database (say add a new column) it was a simple matter of selecting the appropriate table, ticking the new / updated column and generating. In Blazor Studio this does not seem to be an option - you can only select the table. In my project I have many redundant columns that are not (currently) used. Is there a way to replicate the Radzen method (i.e. simply include a given column on a given table)? As far as I can see we only have the option to update all columns in all tables.
Have I missed something?
Many thanks

Hi @Graeme_Atkinson,

The infer process in Radzen Blazor Studio is exactly the same as in Radzen IDE. You need to always include everything needed for your app - new tables, columns, etc. This is needed for EF to create and map the code model of the database correctly.