Update form data after grid item update


I have a master-detail form with a grid. When I update values of a grid item a need to update related form fields.
Here is a picture of my page. When a change the "Valor Gasto" field in "Itens Reembolso" a need to update "Valor Gasto" field of the form.

Hi @Werther,

How the form is bound in your case? If it is from a method invoke result you can request the same method to retrieve the latest value.

Hi enchev,

I need to refresh the parent form after the Grid Edit Popup data is saved and then closed.

How the parent Form is bound?

It was bound using radzen page wizard.

There is no built-in template with Form and DataGrid on the same page, most probably you’ve added it to an auto-generated page. Can you provide more info how the Form is bound? What is assigned in Form Data property?

Form is bound using “Invoke DataSource Method”

In this case see my first reply. You can simply invoke the same method and set the same property bound to Form Data after Update:

I did it. It didn’t work.

Is this your Edit page? You should call the method after close of the popup in your page with the DataGrid. Check my screenshot for more info.

It worked! Thanks @enchev!