Update children from master detail after dialog is closed


Whats the best way to achive this scenario

1 - We built a datagrid with a master detail, but the detail cames from a View.
2 - When updating an item from master, using a dialog, behind the scenes some new items are created related to the details (under the hoods using the OnUpdated partial method).
3 - When the dialog is closed, the detail grid isn´t updated to brind the new items created when the OnUpdate method was called on the server. How to achieve this scenario? Is it possible to call some method after dialog is closed? Or detect that an dialog is closed? I dont know the best hook / event to achieve this scenario...


The Open dialog action has a Then event which fires when the dialog is closed. You can add other actions to it such as refresh the child data grid by calling its load() method e.g. Execute code action with code this.childGridName.load()

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