Unexpected token while opening Blazor Studio

I'm getting below error while opening Radzen Blazor Studio. Thats why I can't use it.

I’m afraid that we’ve never seen such error before and we don’t know what can cause it.

Thanks for your helpful reply.

Is there any chance to get offline license for free edition to bypass 'Register Page' ?

We don’t have such licenses.

okey so, I will not use radzen blazor studio due to this error and you are totally fine with that?

Any debug, any trace, any log, any help?

We don't log that response for the time being. One idea for tracing this is to use some HTTP traffic sniffer such as Fiddler. It may reveal what the Mailchimp response is.

Oh, I think I got it right now. Thanks for the reply.

I am working in Banking sector and such huge sectors are not allowed to login services like mailchimp or so..

You should consider to make this page as optional, due to regulations.

Cuz i know that big companies do not allow that easily. Is there any chance to create standart free license to login or bypass this registering page.

I love radzen and want to show it to my managers to buy it.

This is a very important part of our trial workflow and we will not make it optional. A user won't be able to try the premium features without it.

No because of the reasons listed above.

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