Unable to load data from client


We are evaluating your Radzen solution.

I generated my first Radzen application with a CRUD page for a SQL Server table.
When application is started, I have no problem in browser with localhost:8000
Pages and data are loaded succesfully.
App not deployed, just running in the same server than SQL Server.

But from another client browser, pages are loaded but not data, with a message 'Error unable to load '.Firewall is deactivated in server.

There's nothing about this error in Radzon Output pane.
In client browser console, it's trying to load data from localhost:

I think it should be from server where the radzon app is running:
GET ...:5000/odfata/MSSQLSERVER/.
Replacing 'localhost', data is retrieved succesfully.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

You need to deploy your application if you want to access it outside of localhost. Browsing the application like that won't work in development.