Trouble with RadzenTabs - selected tab name not selected

My form has one RadzenTabs resource, with about 18 tabs.

Depending on my data I will display around 5 or 6 tabs at a time.

So to do this, I'm using the "Visible" attribute tied to a boolean.

This has been working fine, but now as I'm creating more tabs, while clicking each tab name displays the correct tab, the list of tab names sometimes doesn't highlight the selected tab.

Example of my code:

<RadzenTabs TabPosition="@tabPosition" RenderMode="TabRenderMode.Client" >
                <RadzenTabsItem Text="Property" Visible=@TabPropertyEnabled >

I have some tabs that have identical text in the "Text" property, would this cause this issue?

We haven't seen this issue before and will need some way of reproducing it.