Trouble downloading file from DB

OK thanks for that.
Do you guys have any detailed/instructions for doing this or a link where I can find a working example or code? Seems like several people are looking for this.

All I need is to have the datagrid column that shows the file (data:application/pdf) display a "Download" link. When clicked it can either display the PDF in the browser or download it, either way would be good.

I have tried many things and found this post very good and it almost worked. For what ever reason adding the <a [href]="data.Attachment | safe" download="Attachment.${getExtension(data.Attachment)}">download to the template field caused an issue.
Maybe it didn't work because it's 2-3 years old? It makes no difference to me if my app is Blazor or Angular. I'm learning as I go and really appreciate your help and guidance.