Treeview with Checkboxes

We are currently using PrimeNg p-treeview with built in Checkbox options. Is this something that can be done with the TreeView component in Radzen?! See image: TreeviewExample|237x237

Maybe you can use the Template to define CheckBox:

Hi, thank you for the components, they are great!

I created a tree with checkbox but I can't bind
Here's my code. Thank you

RenderFragment CheckListTemplate = (context) => builder =>
int seq = 0;

    builder.AddAttribute(seq++, "Style",context.HasChildren ? "margin-right: 7px" :"margin-left: 30px;);
    builder.AddAttribute(seq++, "bind-Value","IsSelected");
    builder.AddAttribute(seq++, "TValue", "bool");

    builder.AddContent(seq++, context.Text);

IsSelected is a property of a DTO class