Transitioning application from Lightswitch


Hi Radzen,

Having played with Radzen for a while I am now confident to start moving a major LightSwitch (HTML) applications to Radzen. The application has several modules which all share the same login mechanism (LightSwitch uses the older mechanism) and rather than rewriting the entire application at once, I would like to do it one module at a time, which means that during this transition period the Radzen module would need to be able to use the older login mechanism. How could I do this?



In theory making a ASP.NET Core Identity (which Radzen uses) talk to the legacy ASP.NET Membership tables should be possible.

  1. First one has to migrate the old tables to the new ones. There is a SQL Script in the official Microsoft guides.
  2. The password hashing algorithm has also changed which means that login won't work out of the box as the password hashes won't match. Fortunately this stackoverflow user has ported the ASP.NET Membershing hashing to ASP.NET Core. This code can be injected in a Radzen application like this.

In practice though we haven't tried that :slight_smile: I am positive that migrating the data will work. Not sure sure about the custom password hashing implementation from StackOverflow - this has to be tested.