Tooltips - DataGrid Columns Header

Is there anyway to have tooltips for the datagrid columns header?


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Hi @Jose_Carrillo,

No, this isn't possible at the moment but we can easily add it as a new feature. Will let you know when ready.

Thanks Atanas, I know you guys are always improving this great piece of software.

Also, another nice to have, some kind of popup for reordering the DataGrid columns, instead of having to press the up or down buttons. This is annoying when having a big grid!


This would be an awesome feature! Having the possibility to drag and drop would save very much time. It - even more - applies to Handler-Popups, they have a fixed window size and the type 'Execute Code' shows all Code as a preview in the list which can make an entry fairly long, up to the point where the to-be-moved item just vanishes out of sight.

This could happen as a planned refactoring of the property grid UI - to display complex properties in dialogs similar to what Visual Studio is doing. It is a bit of long term task though.

This UI isn't ideal indeed. Adding drag and drop won't make it much simpler though. We have to think of something else - probably some sort of sequence visualization - like diagrams in Visio. User interface is hard ...

You're right, but maybe cutting off preview-content at the ... uhm ... index of character number 50 would be a short fix?
Wouldn't help the original request in any way, sorry for derailing :smiley:

PS: a short fix for the requested issue would be to show the column property in the header (on the right of the index number), so the user can collapse all list-entries and still know what moves where.

PPS: wow then it still isn't about the original topic, sorry for de-derailing :smiley:

The latest Radzen version exposes a Tooltip property per column. When you set it and the user hovers the text of the column a tooltip will be displayed.


Thanks Atanas and Team, I just confirmed it. It works great!

If you are looking at how to do tooltips in a data cell ,I was.
I asked Vladimir replied back

For data cells you can easily create a template with title attribute (tooltip)

<span title='${data.UserName}'>${data.Id}</span>


Great, Thanks for sharing it Alistair