Themes broken?

I am finding issues with CSS elements following latest update. For example, Material Dark and Fluent don't appear to be available any more. Material with Menu Navigation results in menu items that are very difficult to make read.
I don't think this is anything to do with my own customization, as tested with new application.
Any fix available?


Indeed we introduced a few changes with Radzen.Blazor components v4.0. There are still some issues which we are ironing out.

Both themes should be available. Here is a screenshot from the latest Radzen version.

This is indeed an issue which we are going to address

We are using the Fluent theme and a lot of things look very different in our application now. The font looks entirely different, several dropdowns look really bad since the width needs adjustment and the datagrids are striped. Our customer won't be pleased with these changes coming all of a sudden... could you please add a version of the previous theme so that we don't have to make a total makeover?

The font should not have changed as well as the dropdown widths. Can you send us a screenshot? We want do address such issues.

We enabled row stripes for all themes and added a property to disable it. Stripes can be disabled globally with CSS if you don't want them (add this to the styles.css file of your app):

.rz-grid-table-striped tr:not(.rz-expanded-row-content):nth-child(odd) > td {
   background-color: inherit;

We can't really add the older themes as they don't work with Radzen.Blazor 4.0 components due to changes in the rendering.

To use the older theme you have two options:

  1. Do not upgrade Radzen. This is obviously a last measure.
  2. You can use an older version of Radzen.Blazor (set it in the csproj of your Radzen app) and get the older version of fluent.css from source control (it needs to be in the wwwroot\css\assets directory). You also need to add the .csproj file of your app and fluent.css to Radzen's code generation ignore list though as otherwise they will get upgraded.

Thanks - at the moment the top menu is almost unusable with current colours.
Re premium themes - these show correctly if switched by stopping and starting the app. I find they do not show (display is generic text) if I switch while app is running.

I have also noticed that drop down menu items disappear behind table elements. For example:

We are working on a fix for that which will be live later today.

I don't think this is a new issue though. Not sure if we can fix that.

I don't reproduce that:

Are you using the latest version of Radzen 2.80.2 and is the theme Material? Also is it customized in any way?

We released Radzen 2.80.3 which includes fixes for the menu background issue (as well as a few others). If you use a custom theme don't forget to upgrade it by going to the app settings and clicking the save button.

This is an interesting one. Yes, my menu is customized - but only through Radzen interface. I found that works fine where page is 'legacy' grid. I have now created a copy of the original layout, re-created menu items by copying elements from old .json to new .json file and issue is now resolved. Guess, some CSS element that was changed since first creating layout over a year ago.