The way to manage multi enterprises

Hi every body.
I'm new on Radzen, fabulous product.
My question : i have a database , with a hierarchy Entreprise / notification/ etc and more info pro enterprise. The security is on.
How can do for :
1°) having a super account who can acces to every info on every enterprise i have this fonctionnality today...and at the same time ...
2°) the possibilty that a customer acces via a login to HIS entreprise and informtions binded to this enterprise.

Thanks in advance for the way
Long life to Radzen
Sorry for my poor english, but i'm french...

Hi @Dominique,

Thank you for the nice words!

The closest thing we have is described in our multi-tenancy blog post. Give it a go.

Hi Korchev
very interresting post... but....
If I understand the solution uses a separate database for every tenant.
My goal is : one database, and "filter" by account binded to one enterprise.
The way i thing : extand security.user with entreprise ID, and each call implemt a filter like
${result.value}.filter(company=> == ${security.user.companyid})
id is a bigint
what do you think about this way, or something like
sorry i'm really newbie !

This may indeed work. I wanted to show a different solution that has a database per tenant (enterprise). By the way I would do that server-side by adding partial methods OnXXXRead etc. Otherwise one may be able to get data from a different enterprise.

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Thanks a lot
this is the good way.
Just a week end to implement that on many pages.
I have a "Admin" with all acces on every company.
And... with the Security.user i can bind the user on his company.

Great product Guys,
Now i'll try with blazor.....