The Value property in HtmlEditor is not updated

I would need to add a custom tool for HtmlEditor which needs to process the HTML document which is inside HtmlEditor.
The problem is when a user updates the text in the HtmlEditor, and then clicks the button of the custom tool the Value property in HtmlEditor is not updated. Therefore it does not contain the latest state.

It seems like a refresh problem because if the user clicks somewhere else and then clicks the tool button it works fine.

Also if I enter the tool icon via Template it works fine - this I can use as a workaround but it is a bit awkward.

This is how the Editor is implemented at the moment. The Change event is triggered only on blur (mostly for performance reasons and to avoid updating the editor while the user is typing - which will lose the focus). You can try using a custom tool with a template - if it blurs the editor (which normal input components and buttons will do) the Value should be the current one. Something like this:

       <Template Context="editor">
            <button class="rz-html-editor-button" 
                  @onclick=@(() => InsertToday())>
                <i class="material-icons">today</i>

We may add support similar to @bind:event="oninput" in the future so the Change event triggered on every key stroke.