The efficienct way to generate DTO


It is very common to show a data grid from several tables. I know we can manually create DTO in both client and server side, and add custom call functions. Is there any more efficient way to automatically scaffold all of these? Create a view to scaffold?

For example, in the BlazorCrmWasm demo home.razor.cs page, it will invoke function "MonthlyStats". Is it generated by Radzen, or I need to manually create the DTO and function call?

Thank you.

I tried to follow this video to build a demo, but I cannot find a server side function through "invoke method". Then, I tried to follow this document, but there is no "execute JavaScript" option. Could you please tell me how I can invoke a server side function?

Do I need to manually add all the functions and Class entities in XXX. razor.cs?

Thank you.

Both video and the document are for Angular not for Blazor. You can check this articles:

Hi @enchev ,

Many thanks for the prompt reply.

I found a sentence in this article, "Open server\Pages\Home.razor.cs with Visual Studio. Radzen will not overwrite any changes made to this file so it is the ideal place to add custom code.".

I believe it precisely answers my question.

Thank you again for your help.

Hi @enchev ,

I followed the instruction to invoke custom method, but there was something wrong when I bonded the result to a data grid. I saw the same error in CRMWasm demo.

I’m afraid that I don’t know what’s causing these errors. You can check the source code of the application from our tutorial here:

Hi @enchev

I found the root cause of this issue. We cannot set properties with await function. It is better to invoke the method first, and then set the result to a property.

Thanks again for you support. I appreciate it.