The build failed

I get this error message when trying to view a .razor page in Studio.

  • I get "Object not set to an instance of an object" in Radzen Blazor Studio output
  • I get no errors in Visual Studio 2022 or Radzen IDE
  • I can build and run the application from Radzen Blazor Studio, Radzen IDE and Visual studio 2022.
  • The purple circle around the X is not rotating
  • I cannot create a new page in Radzen Blazor Studio


Any ideas?

I get 3 warnings in Visual Studio 2022.
This project is created from Radzen IDE

Not without checking the actual project. You can send it over email for us to troubleshoot.

Problem solved.

I had wrong PackageReferences in the .csproj file. The warning messages i showed in the update section in my post shows what went wrong. now i can view the pages correctly.