Tab Display Questions

Two quick, minor things about formatting Tabs, which are so amazingly easy to use and an absolute dream so far.

  1. There is a gray line under the Tab pane. When multiple Tabs are enabled, the active Tab is underlined with the color of the highlight. The unfocused Tabs seem to lose the gray line and get a white space instead. It can make it look a little confusing as to which Tab is active. Is there a way to get the line to remain visible? I tried increasing the height of the Tab pan but that didn't seem to do the trick.

  2. Is there a way to get DataGrids or other components to align exactly with the beginning and end of the Tabs? It looks like there is some extra space on the left and right side so it gives a slight impression that the DataGrid is sitting on top of the Tab instead of in it.

Thanks so much!


Hi Chadrick,

The screenshot you have attached looks indeed odd. I have attached a screenshot showing how a DataGrid component inside a Tabs component normally looks like. Have you set the Height property of the DataGrid or the Tabs? If yes try resetting it. Otherwise you can send us your meta directory to for further inspection.