Sum Column to Textbox

I have a subscription, but my last query went unanswered, so I will ask here. I have a page that I just want to filter a sql database and sum a column to a text box. I am not great at reading raw code, so the datagrid footer example did not help me. I have no problem invoking the data method and setting up a filter, but I cannot get the syntax to sum a column. Any help would be appreciated.

Can you elaborate? What is the question that went unanswered? We have posted dozens of replies to your forum questions and I can't find an unanswered one.

The Sum LINQ method is used to sum columns. When you use Invoke data source method set a page property that will contain the sum. Set its Value to ${result.Sum(o => o.ColumnToSum)}

Absolutely you have answered every question here and it is very much appreciated. I sent a question via email and did not get a response. The forum has been extremely helpful to me...I am an old foxpro and wpf programmer and have not delved much into web programming and much more used to VB that C# so I know many of my question seem to be very basic. Still thank you!

We haven't received any email from you recently.

do you know what email is on my account?

The same email you are using to log here.

Ok, don't know what went wrong it shows as sent, so I forwarded it to you again, just to have already answered it here!

Apologies for the inconvenience...

Got the email now.

I believe I have answered the question from the email in the forum already. Sending an email and opening a thread is the same - we treat them equally. There is no need to ask the same question in the forum and via email.

And something to think about. Your questions are often unrelated to Radzen - sometimes they are generic C# (when to use == and =) or related to your specific requirements. For such questions you better search online. Our dedicated support does not cover such questions and we will no longer answer them.

I understand. I don't ask the questions until I have searched first. How to integrate the answers I get into Radzen is where I get messed up. Sorry again for the inconvenience. Also did not realize asking on the forum and email was the same. In one thread I had it said that if I had a subscription I should try emailing the problem...Thanks for the clarification.