Suggestion: Dual Datagrid


I've already created one for internal use (see image below). But a component this is a component that I have only seen SF create, but I believe their usecase is limited.

  • Can select what type of controls
  • Single select/Multiple Select
  • Choose what fields show in each
  • Events for Add/Remove from each box
  • Binding for both Group A & B

Hi @Andre,

This sounds like too specific component, I'm sure you can create such functionality with almost no code in Radzen with two DataGrid components and four buttons.

Thanks @enchev .

I've already created one and working for what I need (albiet not as well designed as it could be, and not as reusable as I'm not sure on how to template the datagrid when calling the component for example, but hey it works). It was just a possible suggestion as a component.