Suggestion: Add an OnEntityGet() partial method

Similar to the OnEntityRead, OnEntityDelete, etc methods/events it would be useful to have an OnEntityGet method/event that can be implemented in the EntityController.Custom.cs class.

A use case for this is where you implement a multi-tenant system (not using the routing system as per your example) with a TenantId FK on all essential tables and you need to control that a user can only load entities from their own tenant and where you might do something like the following:

    public SingleResult<Project> GetProject(int key)
        var items = this.context.Projects.Where(i=>i.Id == key);
        this.OnProjectsGet(ref items);
        return SingleResult.Create(items);

    partial void OnProjectsGet(ref IQueryable<Models.MainDb.Project> items)
        items = items.Where(i => i.TenantId == this.GetCurrentTenantId());

Thanks for the feedback! We will add it in the next update!