Strange error when running

I'm new to Radzen but have worked as a developer 1998-2007.

In my solution I have a local databases running on a SQL Server.

I have create a page where I can edit the table persons, when i hit run I will get the following message

What is wrong?

Hi @VictorW60,

We will need more info about the error as we can't determine what is causing it from the provided screenshot.

I can zip the studio projekt and extract the databas, is that enough?

We debug applications only of Radzen subscribers. If you own a Radzen Professional or Enterprise subscription you can send us the application to

I will start by removing Visual Studio, reinstall NET Core and Radzen

Try running the application with Visual Studio - might give you more info about the error.

Hi i did that and this is the error

What I have done is create a table in SQL, log on as windows user create a DataGrid with form, press on Run and Error



Hi, I found it, the table needs to have a Primary Key.