Strange behaviour of RadzenNumeric

RadzenNumeric strange behaviour, there is no error but it will not show its value, not on the page or designer
In the source there is no error:

<RadzenStack Gap="4px">
        <RadzenLabel Text="@L["Column.Title.MinimalPower"]"
                     Style="padding-left: 15px" Name="PowerMinimal"/>
            style="display: block; width: 100%"
            bind-Value ="@heatPumpValue.MinimalPower" 
             Name="MinimalPower" >
       <RadzenTextBox @bind-Value="@heatPumpValue.Modulation">       </RadzenTextBox>

But the designer will not show the "Value" and if want to bind it by the designer it will give an error that it could not convert from double? to double. And when i want to remove there TValue it gives also an error that it can't be assigned and gives the suggestion to add the TValue. This numeric is on a new page that runs normal, except for the numerical it will not show its value. The other components works fine.

Found the error...
At some point there was also a "Custom Attribute" with the same name "bind-Value". Deleting all of the "Custom Attributes" solves the problem.