Strange behaviour of computed height

Hello radzen team,
im playing around with virtualization.

I want to set the height of the datagrid to 100vh. So i had a lokk at the parent containers.
I saw that the "computed height" of them seem to be corrupt.

s. Video

Perhaps a bug?


That's what the browser API returns I guess. I have no idea why though - could be a Chrome bug for all that I know. How does it affect your application though? And why do you want to set the height of the DataGrid to 100vh? There are other parts of the app that too take place (header for example) and using 100vh would create a vertical scroll.

Hi @korchev,
my goal is that i dont want a fix height for a datagrid with vitualization. ok... 100vh was too much. But with 70vh its the same problem.
The application should also run on a tablet in portrait mode.
The datagrid should be responsive. isn't that possible?


What is the actual problem? Your video shows the height of the parent element.

hmmm... i had tested with 100% height in datagrid. but the 100% depends on the height of the parent container. and so i have looked in the column (parent) and row (parent of column) and a saw these irritating computed heights. So i would show it to you. Because its maybe a bug.

The original reason for my playing/testing was to not use a fixed height in datagrid with virtualization.
But now i used in datagrid 68vh, column parent computed height (default) and row parent computed height (default) and it seems to work fine.
So at the moment it seems that there is no problem at all.
The strange default heights are gone. :shushing_face: perhaps i mixed up the height settings.

Sorry for the inconvenience