Stored Procedures Returning One Value

I have a stored procedure that returns one value

The very last line in the stored proc is
SELECT @newOrderNum as newOrderNum

newOrderNum is an integer.

When I go to execute this function in Radzen and try to store the value, I use ${result.First().newOrderNum} and this fails saying "does not contain a definition for 'First'"

The weird thing is that I did the exact same thing for a different stored proc, which returned a string instead of an int, and it works flawlessly.

How do I grab the results of a storedprocedure that only returns one value (an int)?

Seems like Radzen's not seeing your int as an integer? Could you post your SP & Radzen code?

& FWIW, I guess 24 hour support turnaround means weekdays only...

Indeed we do not work during the weekend. The easiest to check what’s going on is to run the project from Visual Studio to debug it.

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