Static link to Datagrid pageIndex

I use a RadzenDatagrid with a edit link icon that leads to a edit page (eg. "/entity/{id}")
From this page I would like to have a button that returns to previous grid/list page but on the same page where I started.
Even doing a "back" it comes always to the first page of the grid

How can I achieve (if it is possible) this behaviour ?


Hi @SandroRiz,

This behavior can be implemented if you pass the current page index as a second parameter to your entity page e.g. /entity/{id}/{page} and pass it back to the page which contains RadzenDataGrid.

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for the first part no problem, but returning to the list, if I do grid.CurrentPage = mypage after loaded the Data Collection, the pager is ok, but I see the first N records like I were in the first page

BTW I load all the records and let your grid to paginate; I don't do take/skip in my service

public RadzenDataGrid<SoftwareVersion> grid;

protected override async Task OnInitializedAsync()
   data= await myService.ListAsync();
   grid.CurrentPage = 2;

//shows the first 10 records, but pager is ok in the 3rd page

You need to use await grid.GoToPage(2);

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