StackedAreaChart - Possible Leak

When I use StackedAreaSeries with calling 'StateHasChanged' function it takes almost 10 seconds and memory goes to 2GB from 200MB.

With same data, LineSeries or AreaSeries works without an issue with 200MB memory.

Here is the memory snapshot of the peak time. What could be possible wrong or leak?

There are 3309 instances of the Marker class. Are you trying to display 3309 points in the same chart? If yes I would consider significantly reducing the number of points to something more manageable.

There are 13 Series with 15 sec interval and showing last 1 hour data.

Which means 13 series * 240 datapoints. I think that is reasonable.

As i said, with same circumstances other series came up in milliseconds.

It tooks 10 seconds and in that 10 seconds there is rapid growing in memory side from 200 to 2GB. After it reaches around 2G, i can finally see the chart.

I assume that there is a leak in somewhere however couldn't find it out.

I attached an example project to demonstrate it.

Even It shows just 60 datapoints with 13 series, the UI get stucks about 10 seconds.

You can observe with the tooltip.

Also in Attached project you can change 'StackedArea' to 'Area' series and please see the difference.

Recording 2023-12-17 at 12.44.33

Area (changes reflects in milliseconds)
Recording 2023-12-17 at 13.01.47 (1.8 MB)

If you want to display that many points in a single chart you should better look for a different solution than RadzenChart. Preferably a JavaScript based one which is optimized for rendering thousand of items.