SSRSViewer error when passing parameter


I've configured my ssrsviewer control to load a report passing a parameter value.
When I load the page i get the error below. If i remove the parameter form the ssrsviewer it works fine.

This is the button that calls the window with the ssrsviewer, passing the parameters:

This the report page with the parameter configured:

This is the error when it tries to load the report:


Can you check the actual request data using your browser dev tools and what is send a parameter value?

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Hi enchev,

This is the url generated by radzen:

Below you can see the error:

Hi @Werther,

Can you check the exception details in Network tab -> request response or if you open the link directly in your browser.

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Thanks @enchev,

The problem was the parameter. I was passing the text not the value.
It is working now.

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