Ssrs report viewer in Blazor

Hi Radzen,
i have trouble using ssrsreport viewer in my razor page,blazor. Can you help me how to use that. i got ssrs report and have username and password for that for using .
Thank You

Hi @jizi,

I recommend searching in the forum for how to set user name and password for the SSRS Viewer. You should be able to find some relevant threads and code.

Thank You @korchev Actually I saw. that code but that is not working.I dont know how to link with the ssrs report .
public partial class ReportControllerBase
public string Password { get; private set; }
public string Username { get; private set; }
partial void OnReportRequest(ref HttpClientHandler requestMessagehandler)
requestMessagehandler.UseDefaultCredentials = true;
requestMessagehandler.Credentials = new NetworkCredential(Username = "XXXX", Password = "XXXXXX");
OnReportRequest is showing error..
In Razor Page what else change should i add..
Can You Share that.
Thank You for your time and consideration

Can anyone share a ssrs viewer solution in steps. That would be great help .
Thank You!

Hello @korchev Can you tell me where to specify ReportServer and ReportName in razor page ... or where it should be specified ?
Thank You!

Hello Radzen ,Can You Provide more detailed demo of SSRS report viewer in Blazor . Thank You. Freshers lyk me found it difficult understand this .without any explanation.Its just my suggestion. I felt disappointed not getting the solution.
Thank You!

I recommend reviewing the forum FAQ.

I'm pretty sure this control just doesn't work, or it only works in limited circumstances.